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edition 57 | 08-09-17

In the UK

Rise in number of under-18s reported for sex offences

The number of children reported to prosecutors for sexual offences has risen by 21% in four years, new figures have revealed.

Drive for better results in schools damaging pupils’ mental health

Pupils’ mental health is being affected by constant reminders that they are “not good enough” in terms of exam results, new research has found.

'Teachers are right to warn parents to watch what they say about body image in front of their children'

Natasha Devon, mental health expert, argues that parents put their teenage kids at risk of developing eating disorders by talking about diets and body image.

Suicide rate for young women highest for 20 years as experts warn of mental health crisis'

Experts warn of a mental health crisis among young women who struggle with the pressures of modern life and social media.

Sharp rise' in student mental illness tests universities

Almost five times as many students as 10 years ago have disclosed a mental health condition to their university, say researchers.

In the US

Nearly a third of U.S. teenagers use technology to cheat

U.S. teenagers think they are savvy about cybersecurity–so much that nearly one-third skirt school safeguards to access banned content and 29 percent admit to using tech devices to cheat in school.

Helping students set personal goals can improve attitudes toward standardized testing

A fifth-grade teacher Annie Preziosi shares her concerns that standardized testing does not always reveal the truth about student progress.

Cloud usage to grow 26% annually in ed through 2021

Cloud computing is expected to grow over 26% annually through 2021, with lower ownership cost, greater analytics use and growing mobile learning adoption cited as primary factors.

Cost remains broadband roadblock for many schools

Two-thirds of K-12 students expected to be using a minimum of two devices each by 2019.

DeVos decries ‘failed system’ on campus sexual assault, vows to replace it

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos vowed Thursday to replace what she branded the “failed system” of campus sexual assault enforcement, to ensure fairness for victims and the accused.

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