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edition 61 | 06-10-17

In the UK

Pupils 'failed' by lack of mental health training for teachers

At least two-thirds of teachers have not received adequate training in pupil mental health support and feel unable to do their job properly as a result, a major survey has found.

Childhood bullying anxiety declines over time, study says

Anxiety and depression caused by childhood bullying decreases over time, showing that children are able to recover, a study suggest.

Growing social media backlash among young people, survey shows

Almost two-thirds of pupils say they would not care if the technology did not exist and talk of negative impact on wellbeing.

NSPCC pilots early intervention service to tackle domestic abuse as cases increase by 77 per cent in four years

Reports to the NSPCC’s Helpline of children affected by domestic abuse across the UK have increased by 77 per cent over the last four years.

Longer jail terms for viewing terror content online

People who repeatedly view terrorist content online will face up to 15 years in prison, the home secretary has told the Conservative Party conference.

In the US

Using positive words in classroom can affect student behaviour, build trust

Using positive language in the classroom can help create a supportive classroom community that learns and grows together.

6 tips for making the most of your Chromebooks

Learn how one educator got started with Chromebooks in the classroom to become a paperless pioneer.

Michigan bill makes cyberbullying a crime; targets ‘hateful venom' that leads to violence

Posting an online message that leads to an assault or death could put you behind bars.

Tips for safe internet use: preventing internet bullying

What Protection Measures Should Parents Take to Keep Their Child Safe on the Internet?

Energy upgrades in schools may not bring expected savings

Energy efficiency upgrades in schools can lower energy consumption and save schools money, but not as much as officials tend to project.

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