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edition 62 | 13-10-17

In the UK

Ninety children taken into care each day, figures show

Ninety children are being taken into care every day in England and Wales and it's claimed social workers are "firefighting" the most serious cases late into the night.

Online sexual abuse is real. Every child is at risk. Don’t look away

Tes uncovers the shocking truth about the growing threat posed to children by sexual predators online.

Google and Facebook to be asked to pay to help UK tackle cyberbullying

Government’s internet safety green paper includes voluntary levy on web giants and social media code of practice.

Disadvantaged pupils learning watered-down curriculum, says Ofsted

Chief inspector of schools says focus on ‘badges and stickers’ instead of learning and substance could limit social mobility.

Social media companies face 'voluntary' levy to tackle online bullying

Social media companies could be made to pay for action to tackle 'undeniable suffering' caused by the internet, culture secretary says.

In the US

Tech used in traditional therapy can boost school counselors' efforts

Text and video chat, apps and online group sessions can help students feel safe, encourage self-monitoring, and keep parents informed of available services.

Empathy instilled through fictional literature can curb bullying

When students read works of fiction that reflect the diversity they will encounter in their daily lives, they are less likely to bully those who are different from them.

IT leaders expect steady increase in digital materials

Despite an influx in technology-based learning resources, IT leaders have staffing concerns.

Tech boosts reading scores by double digits in Pennsylvania district

Platforms that target content to students based on their interests can keep them more engaged in their work, boosting critical thinking and advanced vocabulary usage.

Having educators earn tech industry certifications can pay significant dividends for districts

Energy efficiency upgrades in schools can lower energy consumption and save schools money, but not as much as officials tend to project.

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