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edition 64 | 03-11-17

In the UK

Every teacher must be trained in mental health first aid, academy chain says

The E-Act multi-academy trust also plans to pioneer a pupil-led mental health curriculum in all its schools.

Three steps to keep pupils safe from harmful relationships online

Pastoral leaders need to take a proactive, rather than a reactive approach to keeping pupils safe online, says this e-safety coordinator.

Sexual attacks in schools: action is taking too long, says MP

Maria Miller attacks delays during Commons debate on sexual violence and harassment in schools and reveals details of girls being raped.

Schools failing to discuss knife crime due to 'stigma' fears, says London mayor

Sadiq Khan is calling for Ofsted to treat the protection of pupils from knife crime as a safeguarding standard.

'Privilege to have a child trust you to share their story'

Childline is urging more people across the UK to volunteer. While it has about 1,400 active volunteers, the charity says 400 more would mean they could answer nearly every child that makes contact.

In the US

Study shows alarming number of teens cyberbullying themselves

Adolescents harming themselves with cuts, scratches or burns has gained a lot of attention over the years not just because of the physical damage and internal turmoil, but also because it has been linked to suicide.

How Social Media Can Help Teach Good Writing

Students struggle with concepts when navigating from texting friends to crafting essays.

Most Teachers Say Classroom Tech Helps Students, but Teachers Need More Training

Nearly four in five — 78 percent — of teachers say they haven't received the training they need to effectively use the technology they're asked to in the classroom.

Once taboo, cellphones are free for thousands of Miami-Dade high school students

Once considered a distraction and banned from classrooms, cellphones have become a key technological tool in education. So much so, thousands of cell phones are being given out free to Miami-Dade high school students to boost their studying and connect with teachers.

How Parents Can Help Prevent Bullying

Both kids who are picked on and those who bully suffer emotionally.

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