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edition 65 | 10-11-17

In the UK

Third of children say teachers do not talk enough about bullying

More than a third of children feel their teachers do not talk enough about what to do if they are bullied at school, and yet almost two-thirds have come across bullying.

'Speed up mental health support for children in care'

England's children's commissioner Anne Longfield has told the Victoria Derbyshire programme there should be "a presumption" among those working in the sector that all children in care should receive support for their mental health.

150 children a day being denied mental health treatment

The NSPCC says "too many children" are struggling to access support despite Theresa May's pledge that mental health is a priority.

YouTube accused of 'violence' against young children over kids' content

Google’s video service is filled with disturbing channels and pre-school-aimed videos such as dark Peppa Pig that ‘border on abuse’, says campaigner.

'Police report sharp rise in sexting cases involving children in England and Wales'

Senior officer suggests ‘lack of universal relationship and sex education’ is compounding problem as 17 offences are recorded every day

In the US

Tech is making ed more inclusive, accessible to students with special needs

Ensuring platforms are completely accessible and that lessons are designed to play to a variety of individual students' strengths are key to lifting the tide for all students.

Willingness to talk about race can foster inclusiveness in multicultural classrooms

Schools need to use strategies to create a safe space to discuss important racial issues.

District takes steps to address student depression, suicide

The Edmonds School District (WA) began implementing a suicide prevention program that teaches students when to tell an adult they're concerned about one of their friends.

How a new model of autism treatment uses robots

An occupational therapist and author shares her method for helping kids with autism develop the abilities they need for school and life.

Research shows intense spike in children’s media use

New research has unearthed a dramatic increase in the number of young children who have their own tablet device–42 percent compared to 1 percent in 2011.

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