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edition 68 | 01-12-17

In the UK

Suicide prevention plan needed for child victims of 'sextortion'

Barnardo’s Scotland warns police that risk of suicide is underestimated among children falling for sextortion gangs online.

'Under-age social media use 'on the rise', says Ofcom'

Half of children aged 11 and 12 have a social media profile, despite most platforms' minimum age being 13, a study from regulator Ofcom suggests.

Stories of sexual harassment in schools

We asked teachers, parents and students to share their accounts and experiences of sexual harassment taking place among young people in schools.

Three important questions to ask children about online safety

Creating the space for honest conversations is a crucial part of leading online safety sessions. This assistant head teacher shares three questions that will help teacher to open up discussion.

'Teachers can’t deal with their students’ mental health problems on their own. Parents must play their part, too'

It is unreasonable to put the weight of the youth mental health crisis on the teaching profession – and offering mental health intervention only at school age comes too late.

In the US

Students may be best resource to combat bullying

Because teachers cannot be everywhere, schools must develop strategies to empower students.

Advocate tries new approach to developing child sexual abuse prevention curriculum

Montana House Bill 298, which passed this year, encourages the state education agency to raise awareness of abuse and increase efforts to prevent it.

Better teaching through technology? Only with thoughtful preparation

Educators must ensure a cautious approach to tech use that doesn't make students overly reliant upon it to complete tasks and solve problems.

Computer Science Education Gets a Boost with Library Grants

Dedicated funding helps a national coding program teach students new skills in diverse neighborhoods across the country.

Bullied teens more likely to bring weapons to school, study finds

Bullied teens are twice as likely to take weapons such as guns or knives to school, a new study reveals.

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