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edition 69 | 08-12-17

In the UK

Child exploitation: Live streaming an 'urgent' threat

Sex offenders are increasingly using live online streaming platforms to exploit children, police have warned.

'Peer-on-peer abuse guidance to tackle why pupils display 'harmful sexual behaviour'

The Department for Education will imminently publish guidance to help schools deal with peer-on-peer abuse.

Facebook: Now for young children too

Facebook has launched its first app tailored for young users. It's a ring fenced network that needs parental approval before use, and will not be used to feed data for advertising.

Pledge to boost mental health support in schools

Children and young people in England are to be able to access mental health support at school or college under government plans to improve services.

'Schools can't tackle online safety alone – parents need to take more responsibility and become digitally savvy'

Parents can often feel overwhelmed by the digital world but, if we want to keep our children safe online, they need to keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

In the US

Facebook's New Messaging App for Young Children Raises Concerns

Social-networking giant Facebook has launched a new messaging app aimed at children under 13, part of a push to bolster the company's younger user base that is raising fears about expanded use of screens and social media by children.

Cybersecurity still a top concern for districts considering cloud

As more functions are digitized and IT staff work to ensure all bases are covered in protecting sensitive data, there are lessons K-12 leaders can learn from their peers in higher ed.

Social media has a place in teaching current events

While some teachers choose to avoid social media and current events entirely, a better approach may be to help students decipher what they read online.

California isn't doing enough to teach kids how to read, lawsuit says

Too many California children can’t read, and the state doesn’t have an adequate plan to fix the problem, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Why digital apps can be good gifts for young family members

Appropriate educational apps can prepare children for life in an increasingly digital world where the availability of apps is growing every year.

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