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edition 70 | 15-12-17

In the UK

Are we ignoring an epidemic of sexual violence in schools?

In three years, 5,500 sexual offences against pupils have been reported to police. Too often staff seem ill-equipped or unwilling to deal with the problem.

Should the UK follow France's lead and ban all mobile phones from all schools?

The French education minister has announced that mobile phones will be banned in schools from September. But should the UK follow suit?

Sexual harassment 'normal' in schools, warns report

Hundreds of thousands of female pupils have suffered sexual harassment at school and the government is under mounting pressure to take action.

Action needed to protect children from online abuse

Co-ordinated action is needed to better protect children from online abuse including grooming, sexual harassment and distressing or inappropriate content.

Ofsted warns schools against 'disadvantage one-upmanship

Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman has warned that underperforming schools can get caught in a culture of "disadvantage one-upmanship'", where schools focus too much on their pupils' deprivation.

In the US

Classroom tech keeps parents connected to young students

Using a parent communication app, one Ohio preschool is sharing helpful parenting information and posting photos of what children do throughout the day.

Local schools working to curb bullying after anti-bullying video goes viral

A young Tennessee boy is getting an outpouring of support from millions of people across the country after tearfully telling his mother about being repeatedly bullied at school.

Generation at risk: America's youngest facing mental health crisis

There is an acute health crisis happening among members of the youngest generation of Americans, with critical implications for the country's future.

California isn't doing enough to teach kids how to read, lawsuit says

Too many California children can’t read, and the state doesn’t have an adequate plan to fix the problem, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Block and tackle: How to mitigate a cyberattack on your school

Tactics to prevent the recent onslaught of cyberattacks on schools across the country using technology and innovative systems.

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