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edition 71 | 22-12-17

In the UK

Sexting to online porn: What should sex education lessons cover?

Sexting, online pornography, staying safe online, transgender issues - should these topics be included in new sex and relationships education (SRE) guidelines for schools in England?

Facebook ditches fake news warning flag

Facebook no longer displays red warning icons next to fake news stories shared on the platform, as it says the approach has not worked as hoped.

Three steps to boost your wellbeing over the Christmas holiday

In her last wellbeing column, Maria O'Neill offers some tips to help teachers benefit from positive thinking during the holiday season.

Christmas party envy 'provoked by social media'

Three-quarters of 13 to 17 year olds said they spent more time than usual over Christmas on social media, mainly to see what their schoolmates were doing.

Rise in children calling helplines about suicide

There has been a significant increase in the number of children and young people calling charity helplines about suicidal thoughts and feelings.

In the US

The uncomfortable truths behind the latest numbers on teen drug use

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has released its annual findings about US teenagers and substance abuse.

Anonymous app may promote bullying

One school district claims that an app called After School could be promoting bullying among children.

Tech allows students to report bullying with greater ease, anonymity

Nevada is the latest state to join efforts at implementing online reporting systems.

Twitter chats can boost student voice, enhance digital citizenship

Administrators can also utilize the chats as an opportunity to engage students and parents in the decision-making process.

Adults Can Help Teens Manage Academics During Trauma

Students directly and indirectly affected by tragic events may suffer academically.

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