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edition 72 | 05-01-18

In the UK

Schools 'should help children with social media risk'

Schools should play a bigger role in preparing children for social media's emotional demands as they move from primary to secondary school, England's children's commissioner says.

Thousands of pupils 'denied mental health treatment'

New figures show that around 18,000 referrals to child and adolescent mental health services in Scotland have been rejected over the past three years.

Telegram and Instagram being restricted in Iran

Messaging app Telegram and Facebook-owned social sharing platform Instagram appear to be being blocked in Iran.

Gaming addiction classified as disorder by WHO

Gaming addiction is to be listed as a mental health condition for the first time by the World Health Organisation.

Estimated 20,000 British men interested in sexually abusing children

Police chief Simon Bailey says even thousands more detectives would not be enough to bring every offender to justice.

In the US

Organization to host anti-bullying drills for families

One Region 8 group is looking at giving parents and their children a hands-on experience while teaching anti-bullying.

Teachers: Use Mindfulness to Help Students’ Academics

Mindfulness may help teens decrease stress and increase attention, which may help improve classroom performance, one expert says.

Most big public colleges don't track suicides, AP finds

Most of the largest U.S. public universities do not track suicides among their students, despite making investments in prevention at a time of surging demand for mental health services.

Suicide prevention: Texting, calling and noticing warning signs

Sue Rosenstock, who lost a 16-year-old son to suicide and has become an ardent advocate for prevention, tells teenagers in Maryland and beyond that they can seek help by text message — through the number 741741.

5 tips to take your large school district into the digital age

Spearheading a large-scale digital transition for a big district isn't impossible--here's how to do it.

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