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edition 74 | 19-01-18

In the UK

Snapchat risks being 'complicit' in crimes committed on its platform, police chief warns

Snapchat is prioritising profits over protecting children, one of the UK’s most senior police chiefs has said, as he warned the social media giant risks being “complicit” in crimes committed on its platform.

Anorexia at primary school: what to do when you suspect it

When a younger child shows signs of the mental health condition, it quickly becomes apparent that the bulk of support is geared towards teenagers.

Bullying is still rife in schools. Here's how teachers can tackle it

The most effective interventions for bullying involve the pupils themselves – and build empathy between those affected.

Everyone who works in a school should be trained in mental health, report finds

Survey points to need for 'urgent' changes as most school staff think pupils with ailing mental health lack support.

Calls for Twitch to police 'sexual streaming'

Scroll through the In Real Life (IRL) section of streaming site Twitch and you could be forgiven for thinking, now and then, that you have landed on a camgirl site.

In the US

Put students at the heart of social media policies to enhance learning

The variety of platforms can benefit the classroom and teach digital citizenship.

Schools’ anti-bully campaign gains national recognition

When Louisa County Public Schools held its first district-wide anti-bullying rally in The Jungle in late October, it caught the attention of a national organization whose mission is to combat bullying nationwide.

How to craft useful, student-centered social media policies

Learn measured, sensible, and responsible ways to approach social media policy and use in schools.

Video games could have link to mental health disorder

The science is mounting that excessive video gaming may deserve its own mental health diagnosis.

Officials address 'suicide contagion' after 6 deaths in northeast Ohio school district

Parents in a northeast Ohio town are being asked to watch their children closely after six students in the same district took their lives.

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