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edition 75 | 26-01-18

In the UK

Girls want schools to teach them how to cope with sexism and racism online

Survey shows that pupils also want to be taught what to do when they see something upsetting online.

Primary schools given help to support pupils' mental health

Resource also offers guidance for teachers looking to introduce a whole-school policy to address wellbeing.

'Surprisingly large' number of teenage pupils have physically assaulted someone

Almost a third of 14-year-olds have shoved, hit, slapped or punched someone, according to new research.

Children of Britain's 'digital generation' aiming for careers in technology, study shows

Ambitions to become next YouTube star or software developer at odds with parents' preferences.

Students warned not to rely on 'dangerous' sexual consent apps which risk criminalising 'naive' youngsters, experts say

Apps such as the recently launched LegalFling - whose creators boasts that it can “verify explicit consent before having sex” and “create a legally binding agreement” - would not hold up in court.

In the US

Chicago Public Schools expands 'Safe Passage' program

The program employs hundreds of people to protect children on the way to and from school.

Facebook is addictive and should be regulated like a cigarette company: Salesforce CEO

A prominent technology chief executive has said that Facebook is addictive like cigarettes and should be regulated like big tobacco.

How to engage digitally distracted students

Students today are more distracted than ever before. Why is this happening? To explain it simply, they are immersed in their digital devices.

In the wake of Chromebooks, education needs to focus on collaboration

How schools can help make it easier for students to work together.

Laptops and phones in the classroom: yea, nay or a third way?

We asked teachers, professors, a psychiatrist and a technologist for their thoughts, and we heard a range of opinions on one of the most "weirdly divisive" issues in education.

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