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edition 78 | 16-02-18

In the UK

Eating disorders: NHS reports surge in hospital admissions

Experts say NHS services are failing those in need of help as admissions nearly double in six years.

Be vigilant for when a child makes a covert disclosure

Children making disclosures about problems at home won’t always be direct about it – sometimes a face-to-face chat isn’t the best way to glean information.

Trainee teachers unable to spot signs of mental ill-health in pupils

Research also reveals that most trainees would not know how to address mental health needs in pupils.

UK unveils extremism blocking tool

The UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed.

Lack of good religious education ‘leaves pupils at risk’

The REC is warning that a shortage of religious education teachers could contribute to religious stereotyping and discrimination, leaving pupils at risk of becoming ignorant, or bigoted.

In the US

Picking up the warning signs of suicide key to prevention

There are warning signs that can help distinguish a child going through adolescence and a child who is on the verge of taking his/her life.

Local schools track trouble via social media

In a shift to technology, local schools have begun using social media, where most young people have a presence and share much of their lives, to pinpoint potential problems before they start.

How to talk with your students about social media

When young people feel seen, heard, and respected, they will want to engage.

Is There Any Way For Schools To Prevent Shootings?

Could anyone have stopped this? That's one of the biggest questions for schools and educators as the nation takes in the facts of the shooting in Parkland, Fla., that has left 17 dead and 23 injured.

If Americans really cared about students’ mental health, these school ratios would be very different

While health experts say counselling after a tragedy is vital, too many schools don’t have anywhere near enough health professionals to help students before the catastrophes.

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