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edition 80 | 02-03-18

In the UK

Social media firms failing to protect young people, survey finds

Cyberbullying inquiry finds the mental health of young people is severely affected by online abuse.

Facebook Messenger used to fight extremism

Facebook Messenger has been used to try to deradicalise extremists in a pilot project funded entirely by the company.

Schools should work with health experts to combat obesity, report says

Charity argues that children raised in deprived areas are more likely to be obese than those from advantaged backgrounds – and that it's up to schools to address this gap.

'Bullied for the way I looked'

YMCA research finds, with more than half (55%) of children saying they had been bullied about the way they looked.

YouTube is bigger distraction to children’s homework than television, survey finds

YouTube is a bigger distraction to children’s homework than television, a survey has found.

In the US

Bills would strengthen anti-bullying efforts

The apparent under-reporting of bullying incidents across Indiana has prompted a legislator to propose a bill to strengthen already-required school reporting.

The Parkland shooting inspires school leader to campaign against violent video games

Students will be asked to toss their violent video games into bins near her desk at the school’s main office.

How does social media fit into the classroom?

Social media, students' expansive tech knowledge continue to stump teachers.

With Hundreds Of Students, School Counselors Just Try To 'Stay Afloat'

The American School Counselor Association recommends that counselors work with 250 students each, but just three states follow that advice.

‘Anyone could molest you’: Boy tells parents about sexual encounters with middle school teacher

A former middle school teacher from Florida was arrested after authorities say she repeatedly had sex with a 14-year-old student. It all started through messages on social media.

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