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edition 81 | 09-03-18

In the UK

Government outlines strengthened plans to tackle child abuse

Plans to strengthen information sharing as part of government's ambition to tackle child abuse and neglect.

Facebook asks users: should we allow men to ask children for sexual images?

Social network admits survey asking whether it should permit adults to ask 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures was a mistake.

Ministers drop move over mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse

Ministers have dropped a move that could have resulted in administrative or support staff at school facing jail if they failed to raise the alarm about child abuse.

GPs telling children to exaggerate mental health symptoms if they want NHS treatment

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said too many children and young people were unable to get any help until they reached “crisis point” amid widespread rationing of treatment.

Social media sites harm pupils' mental health, heads warn

Call for new legislation as nine in 10 heads say that the mental health and wellbeing of pupils has suffered as a result of social media.

In the US

School officials encourage parents to monitor children’s social media accounts

Police and school officials in Duncan are encouraging parents to monitor their children’s social media accounts following an alleged threat against the Middle School.

What Kids Think About Bullying And Kindness In The Trump Era

A nationally representative bullying survey is important now, in the post-Trump era, because many observers have been watching for any possible impact from the polarization of national discourse on our schools.

School counseling resources stretched thin at most schools

Most school counselors struggle to meet the needs of hundreds, and even thousands, of children, leaving little time to deal with mental health issues.

Should schools be required to tell parents about bullying?

Jacob's parents are lobbying for a state law that would require schools to notify parents when their child is being bullied. It's called "Jacobe's Law."

Trump holds games violence meeting

US President Donald Trump has met video games company representatives to discuss violent content.

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