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edition 85 | 06-04-18

In the UK

School mental health problems extend to primary-age pupils amid cuts to support

Two in five teachers know of primary school children showing signs of mental health issues including anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Award to recognise schools’ support for LGBTQ pupils

The ‘quality mark’ for schools will ease uncertainty about how to support LGBTQ pupils, says transgender headteacher.

Young people’s happiness levels sink to lowest in a decade

Half of young people believe they are “not good enough”, according to new research on their mental wellbeing.

Children’s centre closures may be as high as 1,000, says study

As many as 1,000 Sure Start children's centres in England may have closed since August 2009, research for the Sutton Trust suggests.

Outdoor learning grows in Scotland as grasp of benefits takes root

Teachers and policymakers see advantages of education beyond the classroom for children, from fitness to resilience.

In the US

New law addresses cyberbullying, allows districts to enforce anti-bullying policies beyond school

When David’s Law (Senate Bill 179) was signed into law following the 85th Texas Legislative Session, it amended the Texas Education Code to better define cyberbullying, and require school districts to make changes to protect students from harassment.

Middle school students learn how to stop bullying

National students show bullying affects more than one out of every five students. Now, school in our area are doing what they can to stop it by teaching students more about the effects of bullying.

NYU training teachers to deter school violence

Aspiring teachers at New York University are being trained to identify mental health and crisis intervention among secondary students.

Social media opens door to bullying, even in college

As more social media platforms develop every year, there is an increasing number of places to be in contact with others. One downside of this, however, is the increased potential for online harassment.

Students join US teachers to demand school funding

Students joined teachers in Oklahoma City on Wednesday (Apr 4) for a third day of protests demanding that state lawmakers increase funding for public schools after years of budget cuts.

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