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edition 86 | 13-04-18

In the UK

Student suicide rates overtake non-students

The suicide rate among UK students is higher than among the general population of their age group, say researchers.

The five ways every teacher can ensure they're taking a proactive approach to pupil wellbeing

We can't just swoop in and 'save' our students' wellbeing – we need to give young people the tools to help them look after themselves, says one deputy head.

School pressures 'making pupils suicidal’

Almost half of secondary staff say pupils have been left suicidal because of the stress they are under, according to a union survey.

YouTube 'broke child protection laws'

YouTube has been accused of violating child protection laws in the US, by a collection of 23 consumer, child safety and privacy advocacy groups.

Pupils self-harm and express suicidal feelings due to exam stress and school pressure, warn teachers

Constant pressure to reach impossible standards leaves them feeling demoralised and disillusioned by education.

In the US

Schools facing mental health challenge

At the Marshall Public School board meeting recently, three school counselors recently shared some shocking statistics and revealed how mental health issues often affect students in school.

Tech Talk Night touches on internet safety

Brookland School District's PTO hosted Family Tech Talk Night where parents learned about online safety.

Safeguards at Arkansas schools are panel's top priority

Arkansas' recently formed School Safety Commission is trying to collect as much information as it can, as fast as it can, about existing and needed safeguards in the state's schools.

Cyberbullying Bill 'Grace's Law 2.0' Stalls In MD Legislature

A bill that would have expanded the current cyberbullying laws in Maryland did not make it out of the House Judiciary Committee.

Photographer empowers bullying victims to become superheroes

Photographer Josh Rossi is empowering kids who have been bullied by turning them into superheroes.

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