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edition 88 | 27-04-18

In the UK

£6m pledge for children of alcoholics

The government has announced £6m of funding to help children with alcoholic parents get support and advice.

Jeremy Hunt threatens social media with new child-protection laws

Social media firms are being threatened with new laws if they don't do more to protect children online.

One in five children could be at risk of mental health issues, study suggests

Nearly a fifth (19 per cent) of youngsters show signs of low self-worth and doubt their learning abilities – which a new report argues are strong indicators that a child’s wellbeing is at risk.

School sex abuse: 'My son was raped on a play date'

The number of cases of peer-on-peer abuse in schools reported to a support charity has doubled in four years.

YouTube Kids to give parents more control over output

Google says it will add new parental controls to its YouTube Kids app, after inappropriate videos were repeatedly discovered on the service.

In the US

Teens are cyberbullying themselves as a form of ‘digital self-harm’

A new study is showing that a number of adolescents and teens are participating in a new form of self-harm.

What #MeToo Means to Teenagers

While the #MeToo movement has largely focused on adult perpetrators, children and adolescents who engage in sexual harassment, bullying and abuse can also leave their victims with deep and lasting scars.

Maryland legislation would require guidelines for in-school use of devices

Most warnings about students' overuse of devices have focused on their screen time outside of school.

Alexa for kids: Amazon's new way to teach your child manners

With kid-friendly content and parental controls, the device should help keep kids safer on the internet.

Proposed bill aims to increase mental health professionals in schools

Two Pennsylvania senators announced a bill Thursday that would help school districts hire more professionals to help students with their mental health needs.

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