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edition 89 | 18-05-18

In the UK

Children needing specialist mental health treatment up by a third over three years

Schools are increasingly referring children for specialist mental health treatment, often when the child is at crisis point.

Sharing of school pupils' data put on hold

The government has halted researchers and others from accessing personal information about UK schoolchildren, it has emerged.

Rich families use 'privilege to opt out' of child services

Rich families are using "privilege" to disrupt or avoid child abuse investigations, a report has found.

Facebook details scale of abuse on its site

Facebook says it deleted or added warnings to about 29 million posts that broke its rules on hate speech, graphic violence, terrorism and sex, over the first three months of the year.

Schools told to protect pupils from 'county lines'

New safeguarding guidance highlights danger of children being exploited by 'county lines' drug gangs.

In the US

It’s time to develop an anti-cyberbullying policy; here’s how

Here are 3 key things to remember when developing an anti-cyberbullying policy.

As '13 Reasons Why' Returns, Schools Try To Help Students Who Are Thinking Of Suicide

About 1 in 5 teens may have contemplated suicide. But new research suggests that schools as a whole can make a difference.

Fortnite's popularity a headache for educators

The popular videogame is playable across a number of devices, and blocking access hasn't been particularly simple when dealing with tech-savvy students.

Students recognize National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Students support Mental Health Awareness Day with Hope Chalk Project.

Suicide prevention bill passes Colorado Legislature

A bill that will provide schools with grant funding for suicide prevention programs was approved by the state Legislature on the last day of the session this week.

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