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edition 94 | 22-06-18

In the UK

Internet firms are failing to tackle child abuse images, police chief says

National Crime Agency also reveals rise in sexual attacks on and interest in children.

Fears mount over WhatsApp's role in spreading fake news

App blamed for circulating false information in India, Brazil, Kenya and now the UK.

Kids hit by sex pests - 1 in 10 girls have been asked for nude pictures online

Campaigners have called for children to be taught that sexting can lead to bullying and blackmail after the figures emerged. The call came as it emerged one in ten girls aged 11 and 12 have been asked for nude pics.

Parents urged to set boundaries around children's use of the internet

Culture secretary condemns unsupervised access to smartphones and urges more heads to ban them in schools.

Ofsted chief inspector backs ban on phones in schools

The chief inspector of Ofsted is backing headteachers who ban mobile phones to prevent bad behaviour.

In the US

Teen says Virginia school failed to keep her safe from alleged attacker

The girl has filed a complaint against the Winchester school system, saying her education is hampered by a hostile environment.

One Radical Way To Deal With Traumatized Kids

The idea of "toxic stress" has been in the news lately because of heartbreaking separations at the border, but millions of kids experience that kind of stress every day because of their home environments.

More bullying reported at New York City schools, study shows

More New York City students say there is bullying in their schools, a report released Monday showed. The findings also revealed that many schools reporting the greatest number of violent incidents on campus have no social workers on staff..

Teaching Strategies to Help Anxious Students

Children as young as in kindergarten have started to show signs of stress. Here are a few teaching strategies that you can help your students.

82% of teachers believe tech enhances learning

A MidAmerica Nazarene University survey of 1,000 teachers with at least five years in the classroom also found smartphones are largely seen as a "persistent" source of disruptions.

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