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edition 95 | 29-06-18

In the UK

Children face mental health epidemic, say teachers

More pupils are struggling with anxiety, depression and addictions but not receiving the help they need.

Girls ‘negatively affected’ by new rules on transgender school pupils

Councils are failing to prepare for the impact on students.

Want to transform a pupil's life? Just ban their phones, says Brighton College headmaster Richard Cairns

Pupils have taken to board games, interest in sport and drama has risen and children enjoy real conversation.

Student mental health support must improve, universities told

Universities are being told to "dramatically improve" support for students with mental health issues.

‘It never stops shaping you’: the legacy of child sexual abuse – and how to survive it

Child sexual abuse is frighteningly common and hugely damaging. But a new project is collecting survivors’ stories – and revealing what is needed to heal.

In the US

Most teachers say tech tools improve teaching and learning

Eighty-two percent of teachers in a recent survey say they believe tech tools have enhanced teaching and learning.

Survey reveals no increase in bullying despite concerns over the 'Trump effect'

The report, however, notes that roughly one in five high school students still experiences bullying at school.

State funds to support suicide prevention training in Colorado schools

The state is among those with the highest suicide rates in the country.

Do Body Image Pressures Lead to Mental Health Issues for Girls?

Weight and body pressures can lead to harmful behaviors and mental illness, so parents should be aware of the signs.

School, district tech specialists talk challenges, strategies at ISTE 2018

How can technology coaches get teachers on board with new initiatives or manage burnout in their roles?.

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