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edition 98 | 20-07-18

In the UK

'Mental health education to be made compulsory in English schools'

‘'I want to make sure children grow up to become happy and well-rounded individuals' says Education Secretary Damian Hinds’, says Yvonne Williams.

Universities outsource mental health services despite soaring demand

Critics say shifting counselling resources into ‘wellbeing’ is perverse and dangerous when depression and suicide among students are at worrying levels.

Children to learn perils of social media at school, Education Secretary announces

Children as young as four are to be taught about the perils of social media, the Education Secretary has announced.

'Facebook moderators 'keep child abuse online''

'Graphic videos showing children being abused remain on Facebook despite numerous requests to have them removed, an undercover film has suggested'.

Schoolgirl left on ‘suicide watch’ after Instagram ‘ugly or not’ poll

A heartbroken mum has revealed how she has had to place her 10-year-old daughter on suicide watch after the schoolgirl discovered an ugly-or-not poll launched by cyber bullies.

In the US

ADHD may have modest link with teen tech use

Those most addicted to social media sites were 53 percent more likely to develop ADHD symptoms, the team reported.

New ed-tech developments benefit special needs students

A growing number of apps that appear on smartphones, tablets and computers are eliminating the need for some pricey assistive technology devices.

America should overcome its mental health taboo

Frances Bean Cobain says that part of the problem is society's unwillingness to talk openly about mental health.

Facial-recognition systems pitched as school-safety solutions, raising alarms

Schools are evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of using facial-recognition technologies for safety purposes.

Parents fear for kids’ safety in schools reaches two-decade high

The level of concern about school security is the highest since 1998, according to a new survey that also shows strong support for mental health screening.

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