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edition 99 | 27-07-18

In the UK

'Department for Education’s GDPR plan 'unsatisfactory''

‘Fundamental weaknesses' found in the Department for Education's approach just three months before rules came into force.

Government attacked over child mental health plan and told it is ‘sleepwalking into deepening crisis’

'If the government does not rethink its approach then it runs the risk of letting down future generations'.

91% say social media is making bullying worse

Two-thirds of those polled believe smartphones should be banned in schools, but most say teens should be allowed on social media.

Universities are bribing students with unconditional offers

In their desperation to secure ‘bums on seats’, some universities are killing academic endeavour and damaging career prospects.

College mental health teams could help schools

Government says colleges could play a central role in its plans to transform youth mental health provision.

In the US

Personalized learning requires proper funding, greater district guidance

The funding and management of costly tech-based personalized learning models continue to be problematic.

Successful 1:1 device programs help students get online at home

Several solutions help level the playing field for students who don’t have Wi-Fi to do homework.

Schools eye facial recognition technology to boost security

A western New York school district is upgrading its existing surveillance system to add technology that will scan faces and alert officials to the appearance of expelled students, sex offenders or weapons.

It's never too early to start teaching digital citizenship skills

Social media is a powerful medium, and students will be expected to understand how to ethically use those services.

Schools and colleges try virtual reality science labs

Case Western Reserve University plans to replace the usual anatomy labs with a new series of hands-on experiences, including a virtual-reality simulation.

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